Saturday, July 19, 2014

This has indeed become a weekly blog with little to say other than "Phew! Isn't the weather hot this week" or "By Crikey! It's been a busy old week and no mistake". In other words, the ramblings of a boring life as lived  by a middle-aged man in a dilapidated English Northern town. Except that, at a point in the near future, Grimsby will be nailed to the cinematic map and 'shown' worldwide. I place shown in quotes because the film Grimsby by Sacha Baron Cohen will undoubtedly reinforce long held prejudices about the town that has been my home for the last seventeen years. This will be particularly true for southerners and especially so for those in the south east of this sceptred (septic?) isle. "Grim oop north" will be the general theme (read the comments that follow this link) with Grimsby perceived as five years behind that there fashionable London. My take on it... Yep, it's run down and tatty in parts, has it's share of yobs, knobs and sob stories but I believe old Sacha B-C isn't worth the dog shit that sometimes liberally adorns our gold paved streets of Freemo and The Riverhead. Grimsby is no worse or better than many other places in England. But Hey Ho! It's easier for the Oxbridge educated elitists to mock white working class northern folks rather than the sacred cows that matter to the London glitterati. having said all that I look forward to watching the movie if only to laugh at the nonsense shown on the screen. Sadly, many of those who have never been to this wonderful town and known it's wonderful folk will take the film as gospel. Having grown up in London and known how wonderful, frustrating and dreadful it can be, Grimsby is my home now and I do have a pride in it. We can take the piss because we know what it is truly like, both the good, bad, indifferent and What the Fuckery of the town and inhabitants. Truth to tell... there is much I miss about London but I prefer to live here and intend to stay here. Unless I win the lottery when Trinidad or the Bahamas looks a more inviting prospect! Grimsby sur l'Humber it is then.

  Nunsthorpe traffic warden receives first prize for booking the most motorists 2013.

Back to the mundane world I inhabit... work's been very busy and Phew! Ain't it half hot Mum.


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