Sunday, July 06, 2014

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Yes, one week into July and the height of summer and it is raining... again. My plan to get some gentle cycling in has been cancelled although happily I was up early and the dog has had her morning constitutional. On the plus side I get to indulge my laziness and put my feet up after a very busy week. It has dawned on me that my job will generally be 40% clinical and 60% electronic paperwork although with the addition this week of some new assessments the paperwork is likely to increase. I'll let you decide whether that is the optimum use of clinicians... But a week of performing injections whilst covering for colleagues on leave, meeting new clients, acquainting myself with various systems, company induction days and meetings plus the inevitable numerous phone calls and data recording left me in an exhausted heap sprawled upon the armchair on Friday evening. I am enjoying the work and rekindling old skills after a lengthy absence is whetting my appetite for the work. The mileage I cover is wonderful with fifteen miles being the most in one day so far although I have now encountered the various school runs and the Friday gettaway. I have also met several old acquaintances whom I have not seen for ten years or more. I would like to say that my return to work has reignited the fire in my belly and passion for work but I am afraid my year off has made me realise that I am older and more cynical with the passing of years. I enjoy the work and I genuinely like the face to face work but I returned for purely mercenary reasons to pay off my mortgage. I imagine that is true for the majority of people.
Time for some fresh brewed coffee and a trawl through the news on the net.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Did you once have clerical support for a lot of the admin work you are now expected to complete yourself?

9:09 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Yes we did. We have some clerical support but the new lot of forms have to be done with the client. It appears to be never ending...

7:05 pm  

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