Sunday, July 27, 2014

Up at 06.30 this morning despite a very late night drinking Bourbon and listening to music. Chores and gardening completed by 10.00 and a pot of freshly brewed coffee as I sit back and put my feet up. I can only put it down to the sunshine and fresh air after a day spent at Cleethorpes for the air show.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day with huge blue skies and we caught the train the one stop to Cleethorpes and joined the 70,000 +  people who also enjoyed the spectacle. Lots of families including three generations plus dogs and the day had a festival air about it. My photographic skills combined with the bright sun and slow reactions meant most of my photos were rubbish and unusable but I managed to grab a couple of nice shots.

Pilots and aircraft showing off their acrobatic skills, an autogyro and the Red Devils parachute team plus Spitfires and Hurricane flying above us, all marvellous to see and enjoy. We managed to find one restaurant with a table free where we had fish, chips and mushy peas for lunch plus the inevitable cups of tea. Lots of walking amidst the noise and hustle and bustle of the crowds. All in all a wonderful day out and we caught the sun. It's on again today and there will also be a fly past by a Lancaster bomber plus the Spitfire and Hurricane. I'll be ensconced in the garden with my camera ready to catch it if it passes over, so fingers crossed they do so.

This video is part 1 of four from 2013 and gives you a good idea what it's like on the day, courtesy of East Coast Pictures...

I think I may need to consider buying a better camera if I want to capture the sights and images I saw at the show. There were many air enthusiasts there and some had some serious and undoubtedly expensive equipment with them. I don't think I'll go that far but perhaps a basic digital camera with better lenses might help. Something to consider at a future date perhaps. Enjoy the video and I'm off to soak up more of the sun in the garden.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

 The theme for this weekend appears to be liquidity.

The thunderstorms that have occupied much of the UK finally hit Grimsby last night. Torrential rain, floods and according to Mrs C. a spectacular storm when she got up at midnight. I, however, retired to bed and slept through it all having imbibed of some fine beers and whisky. Up very early in anticipation of the plumber who by 9 a.m. had repaired our bathroom toilet. Also, a surprising and very welcome rebate from the tax man put a rosy glow upon the cheeks of my bank account.

All in all an interesting 24 hours and Sunday has barely begun. I spy sunshine and the roads have dried off so I shall leap upon my velocipede and bid you all an equally pleasant Sunday.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This has indeed become a weekly blog with little to say other than "Phew! Isn't the weather hot this week" or "By Crikey! It's been a busy old week and no mistake". In other words, the ramblings of a boring life as lived  by a middle-aged man in a dilapidated English Northern town. Except that, at a point in the near future, Grimsby will be nailed to the cinematic map and 'shown' worldwide. I place shown in quotes because the film Grimsby by Sacha Baron Cohen will undoubtedly reinforce long held prejudices about the town that has been my home for the last seventeen years. This will be particularly true for southerners and especially so for those in the south east of this sceptred (septic?) isle. "Grim oop north" will be the general theme (read the comments that follow this link) with Grimsby perceived as five years behind that there fashionable London. My take on it... Yep, it's run down and tatty in parts, has it's share of yobs, knobs and sob stories but I believe old Sacha B-C isn't worth the dog shit that sometimes liberally adorns our gold paved streets of Freemo and The Riverhead. Grimsby is no worse or better than many other places in England. But Hey Ho! It's easier for the Oxbridge educated elitists to mock white working class northern folks rather than the sacred cows that matter to the London glitterati. having said all that I look forward to watching the movie if only to laugh at the nonsense shown on the screen. Sadly, many of those who have never been to this wonderful town and known it's wonderful folk will take the film as gospel. Having grown up in London and known how wonderful, frustrating and dreadful it can be, Grimsby is my home now and I do have a pride in it. We can take the piss because we know what it is truly like, both the good, bad, indifferent and What the Fuckery of the town and inhabitants. Truth to tell... there is much I miss about London but I prefer to live here and intend to stay here. Unless I win the lottery when Trinidad or the Bahamas looks a more inviting prospect! Grimsby sur l'Humber it is then.

  Nunsthorpe traffic warden receives first prize for booking the most motorists 2013.

Back to the mundane world I inhabit... work's been very busy and Phew! Ain't it half hot Mum.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It has been one of those weeks when the weekend could not come soon enough...
Louis became very ill on Monday and we rushed him to the vet where he was kept in for the next two days. Sadly he had to be euthanised because the treatment did not work and he was in too much pain and distress. We knew he wouldn't be with us for long when he was handed over to us by LE last year although we thought he might last another couple of years. He had a reoccurring condition where crystals built up in his urethra and he couldn't urinate. Despite medication, special diets and plenty of water it still wasn't enough. He had a good five years as a very pampered puss with LE and us and I was able to hold him as he died and say my goodbyes. He had a pre-existing condition and the insurance companies were unwilling to cover him unless we paid a huge premium on top of high monthly payments so he wasn't covered. The vets bill was eye watering!! We were also in the process of getting him a playmate because the two old ladies couldn't cope with his energy and playfulness. The playmate has arrived and that is Tuppence...

She arrived yesterday and despite some exploring as well as wolfing down some food and leaving an extremely large deposit in her litter tray, she has hidden herself under a settee. She's only four months old and our house is noisier than her previous home where she was one of twenty one cats! The pooch and Molly appear to have accepted her but Tigger has been caught stalking her several times hence her staying holed up where she can't be pounced upon. 
Work has been busy which I'd predicted last week and I think I will have to return to early nights as I am worn out by the end of each working day. I'm happy with the work and it is once again keeping me on my toes. I am also teamed up with a lovely group of people and that certainly makes work all the more enjoyable. Otherwise it is a weekend of paying bills (check), tackling the jungle formerly known as a garden (check) and getting to know the new arrival. The latter will need to be coaxed out of her hidey hole.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

                Photo is courtesy of

Yes, one week into July and the height of summer and it is raining... again. My plan to get some gentle cycling in has been cancelled although happily I was up early and the dog has had her morning constitutional. On the plus side I get to indulge my laziness and put my feet up after a very busy week. It has dawned on me that my job will generally be 40% clinical and 60% electronic paperwork although with the addition this week of some new assessments the paperwork is likely to increase. I'll let you decide whether that is the optimum use of clinicians... But a week of performing injections whilst covering for colleagues on leave, meeting new clients, acquainting myself with various systems, company induction days and meetings plus the inevitable numerous phone calls and data recording left me in an exhausted heap sprawled upon the armchair on Friday evening. I am enjoying the work and rekindling old skills after a lengthy absence is whetting my appetite for the work. The mileage I cover is wonderful with fifteen miles being the most in one day so far although I have now encountered the various school runs and the Friday gettaway. I have also met several old acquaintances whom I have not seen for ten years or more. I would like to say that my return to work has reignited the fire in my belly and passion for work but I am afraid my year off has made me realise that I am older and more cynical with the passing of years. I enjoy the work and I genuinely like the face to face work but I returned for purely mercenary reasons to pay off my mortgage. I imagine that is true for the majority of people.
Time for some fresh brewed coffee and a trawl through the news on the net.