Wednesday, April 02, 2014

It's April and yesterday really felt like spring had arrived... today it is bloody cold out as I discovered whilst wearing a very thin waterproof jacket! I spent yesterday in the fair city of Lincoln, remaking the acquaintance of 'Steep Hill' and meeting a friend for coffee and gossip. It was good to catch up but the wander around Lincoln made me realise that over the last few months laziness, beer and poor choices in diet means I am very unfit. Back to the diet and getting some walking in each day to address that. I did have a brief glimpse in the window of the whisky shop but I was put off by the lack of prices. Any shop which does not display its prices for the passing public is generally too expensive for me. Perhaps another time...

.... the weeks leading up to Modraniht may be an appropriate time to buy in a bottle of the 21 year old.

I also chased up the job offer today having had no communication since the verbal offer of the job and I was becoming just a tad concerned that I may have been forgotten about. They had not forgotten me and a letter will be in the post this week. As you can see it is all go here in the fast lane... just how I currently like it. Mrs C has succumbed to some nasty, presenting with swollen glands and a high temperature. Mind you, one of the cats has been sneezing a lot! Time a cuppa and the cats are making a lot of noise which means tea time.


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