Friday, February 07, 2014

Well, that was interesting. I apparently have two blogspot acounts and I could access the unused one but not this original one on the iPad Air. Yes... I have leapt into the 21st century and bought myself one. I have to admit that I prevaricated over this purchase for months and driving Mrs C mad with my indecision. It's the cost that put me off and my belief of "Do I really need a new toy?"  But petty annoyances with the laptop and memories of how accessible the 'old' iPod was finally came into play. What can I say... It is bloody marvellous! Another reason is that I need a bigger screen than that on my mobile. Increasing age and associated deteriorating eyesight is now more apparent. So this is by way of a test on the new toy. There is one downside to a touch screen and recent mandolin practice... the fingertips of my left hand are like leather and I can't feel the screen.


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