Monday, February 24, 2014

A week sans blogging courtesy of some acquired leurgy...

Two days of vomiting and detained by duvet before I felt strong enough to face the world. Even then, I had no appetite and couldn't face food until Friday when I consumed my bodyweight in toast. It looks like I made the acquaintance of norovirus so I have since blitzed the kitchen, the animals food bowls and thrown out various foodstuffs lurking in the fridge. What surprised me is the impact of the sickness and how weak I felt following it. Also the blinding headaches which finally stopped on Saturday. However, all is well now and I am back into my usual routine. 
I have been following the events in the Ukraine with interest and some concern... shades of the world prior Sarajevo 1914 comes to mind. The Arab spring became the Syrian nightmare and now a tinderbox situation on Europe's doorstep is smouldering after a brief burst of flame. The east and south of the country including the Crimea is pro - Russia and the Russians won't need much of an excuse to 'rescue' their own citizens and their Ukrainian compatriots. Close by lie the Islamic regions of Russia and from there the dominoes of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Syria and Iran... an area of long standing historical feuds and enmities. Meanwhile Hague and other incompetents are attempting to swim in these waters without their water wings by issuing  warnings to Russia! So as the UK and other countries prepare to commemorate the outbreak of World War 1 it seems little has actually been learned from history. Hopefully some serious negotiation is taking place with Russia and the Ukrainians but I won't hold my breath. I am no expert although I studied Russian and Middle - Eastern history at university, hence my worries about the path we appear to be headed on.  I feel that I require some escapist DVD's this afternoon just to give my febrile imagination a rest.


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