Monday, December 30, 2013

 A new week and soon to be a new year. I am cheering because I rejoin slimming world this evening and I plan on making a fresh start for 2014. The Christmas week of feasting and drinking has left me tired and lethargic although the stinking cold has made a big contribution to it as well.

I am also mindful that I have had no response to my job applications and I will spend the next few weeks looking for that elusive job that ticks all the boxes for me: local, part time, does not involve crazy hours. I may have to amend some of that but I'll see what opportunities are out there. I also belatedly realised that the past six months I have sat on my arse and anaesthetised myself with alcohol and food as a response to my low mood and anxiety. However, I have enjoyed the time off, the relaxation and the escape from pressures of work so I have no rights to complain as I am in a better position than most. 
No.1 son had a spill on his bike yesterday on some black ice. Luckily he was riding slowly and he didn't sustain any injuries and the bike is ok too. Just some scrapes to the handle bar and pegs. Mrs C. not entirely happy but he had taken a short cut down a back road where the sun doesn't shine. Ironically, he was riding slowly because of the potholes and dreadful state of the road! 
For today... I am ignoring the various media analyses of the past year and the rolling news regarding the latest disaster. BBC iPlayer has "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman on the radio which I am listening to plus various other short plays, etc... I can also play some of the CD's I received for Christmas (last ever mention, I promise) and enjoy my kindle. The weather outside is blowing a hoolie with added 100% moisture for good measure hence the need to stay indoors and wrap up warm.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Pleased your son wasn't badly hurt.

Hope something appropriate turns up on the job front soon. I always think that companies could at least send an email when applicants aren't successful. It takes hours to fill in an application form and I think it's really rude of them to fail to give any definite news (and standard emails take seconds).

The hardest part of giving up work is coming to terms with the change of role, especially when you've worked in a profession where people's futures depend on you.

Good luck with trimming the fat!

7:23 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers BW. You are certainly right about the change in role and status. I think that may well be a future blog post.

10:44 am  

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