Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day twenty two of Advent...

Apparently, M & S now allow their Muslim staff to refuse to serve alcohol or pork products to customers. The products are packaged, they are not consuming them and if they object to selling perfectly legitimate retail products I am sure they can find work elsewhere. Absolutely ridiculous pandering to stupidity. Keep religion out of the secular sphere because at this rate there will be separate checkouts in supermarkets with separate areas in town governed according to various religious rules and restrictions. A religious apartheid and this is the way to go to alienate people and create further discord. Rank stupidity of the first order...

*Takes a deep breath... and another... remembers it is the season of goodwill... *



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

They can always go and live in a country that better suits their beliefs after all. God, I despair.

Only in England.

7:33 pm  

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