Saturday, September 14, 2013

I have just finished digging an 'ole in my back garden for the new clothes line post. 50 cm (20 inches) deep doesn't sound like a lot but the deeper you get the more difficult it is to get the soil out. Hole lined with bricks and concrete mix poured in and now I wait for it to set. No archaeology discovered although an oyster shell, several stones and a piece of cheap fifties china came out. The dog enjoyed it and clay is scattered everywhere around the garden. With the last two days of heavy rain and the work over the summer the garden looks a mess. I'll tidy it up over the next week including the obligatory visit to the tip. The previous line was attached to the brick wall but the stress of heavy washing and windy conditions pulled the brickwork out. My plan is to replace the bricks with a gargoyle facing the new houses, suitably frightening for any children or passing horses...
Talking of 'orses and other assorted transport the car had the rear springs replaced as one had broken and the damage to my pocket wasn't too bad. The car is nearly ten years old and I have decided to keep it going as  my annual mileage has reduced from the ridiculous to the sublime. Apart from visits down to Essex and trips out I shan't be doing much driving at all. With my step-daughter moving down to London I guess we'll make a few trips down there. I can also have a look around my old stamping ground and look up a few friends who are still there. Here's a few Cockney songs to keep us going...



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