Saturday, June 22, 2013

I would love to say we are having a barbecue in the back garden with the sun blazing down and a fridge full of the necessary cold ones... Sadly, the intermittent showers, grey skies and blustery autumnal wind has put paid to any chance of a BBQ. I have managed to thin out some plants and replant them as well as remove some of the ever present weeds. With the work out back there may also be an opportunity for some tidying up and "disposal" of some of the rubbish in the garden. I did manage to have some grilled low fat snorkers for breakfast with baked beans. But with the statement of wet and cold summers for the next decade BBQ's may have to take place under a marquee. Mrs C and I also commented on the lack of wildlife on the river as we popped out this morning in between showers. Have the wildfowl been eaten by homeless East Europeans                  or on the menu of the nearest fried chicken emporium? We saw one duck and a very forlorn looking coot. I guess the AGW crowd would inevitably blame naughty humans causing climate change. Until scientists have perfected a method for protecting those who attended Oxbridge and Ivy League colleges whilst the next flu pandemic kills off us unnecessary plebians there will continue to be too many naughty humans impacting upon the environment. I am not a believer in media hysteria of global warming / climate change although I certainly do believe we change the environment and perforce, contribute to some changes in the weather. Removal of forests, building on flood plains, increasing urbanisation, etc... will have an impact upon the environment. I guess fewer BBQ's will bring down the carbon footprint but I can't but wonder whether the world, it it was a sentient being, would consider humanity as one amongst many creatures or consider us as parasites rampaging out of control. I believe the former but nature may well decide upon the latter and some solution to control our numbers. The usual disaster programmes on TV suggest a pandemic (not zombies or vampires), earthquakes, asteroids, volcanic activity although our own preferred method seems to be warfare.
In the meantime we can all as individuals "do our bit". Recycling as opposed to killing off those of different cultures and skin colour, planting trees, cycling and growing our own veg. I wonder if growing tobacco and marijuana counts towards that and our "five a day"? A BBQ and a smoker for home smoked meats and fish. Marijuana smoked kippers might be an interesting business venture to move into! I could kill two birds with one stone: buy myself a bicycle and open a business at the same time...

I'm not too sure about the dog walking although it might cut down on the pedalling required... Mush!

There may be a market in the larger towns and cities but I just don't believe there is enough demand in Grimsby for the coffee vending cargo bike. A mobile smoker for hotdogs or a mobile bar might be the ticket especially at big events. Sadly, the weather inevitably dictates the success or failure of such ventures and the wet season is now twelve months long here.  Mind you, dogs will walk in any weather...


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