Sunday, October 14, 2012

The weekend... time to chill, have a few beers and catch up on chores that have been eagerly anticipating your attention all week. The first part gets a big fat yes whilst the latter... meh. I have back pain which I put down to bad posture & too many hours stuck at the desk or sat in my car. So pain killers and moving slowly is the order of the day. I have no desire to go off sick from work so I may have to sacrifice a couple of annual leave days if it doesn't clear up and stay at home. That will cheer the dog up who is now nine years old and she is more possessive of me now as she grows older. This article got me thinking about her intelligence and how she interacts with the family, her pack. She is a lot brighter than the cats whom she ranks below in the household pecking order. As a pup she was quickly dissuaded by a well placed clawed paw that her attentions were not always welcomed. Once outside of the house and she becomes "top dog" as she chases her ball in the garden and scatters the cats in her wake. In human years I guess she is now in her late fifties and we have noticed she has problems with her back legs if she's been lying down for some time. She struggles to get up but once she is up and moving around she is ok. The ravages of age can't be escaped despite the adverts for miracle creams and the claims of doctors and other assorted quacks.

She still grabs the best spot in front of the gas fire and if it's a cold winter she'll definitely need it. Time to fill the hot water bottle for my back and more coffee.


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