Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Essex was very warm and sunny although too much time spent travelling there and back in the hot tin box. No.1 son enjoyed meeting grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles and took an interest in the possible prospects of work dahn sowf despite his dislike of the Essex accent. he thought the accents on "Towie" (don't google it or even waste a precious minute of your time looking for it as I can sum it up: "Shite") were put on and then discovered they are not. My mother produced countless photographs of me as a youngster some of which are truly awful as well as some old school reports including the final one which noted my absence... I was working and being a typical teenager I hadn't informed the school! My mother gave me various presents for my upcoming birthday but she also gave me a large box of old vinyl LP's. She offered me first refusal before dropping them off at the charity shop. I agreed although No.1 stated Mrs C. will greet the arrival of more junk with a little more than raised eyebrows. As I write this missive I have thus far played Queen, Yes and I am now playing various rock & roll compilations from the 60's and 70's. There is also a large stack of Elvis and Country & Western albums. The latter, apart from a couple of albums, will grace the local charity shops. But I am more than chuffed with this gift. As my 71 year old mother embraces the digital age (my brother transferred everything to MP players) I head backwards embracing the old and past treasured memories.
Johnny Horton and "North to Alaska"... I loved that song a kid and his other classics: "Sink the Bismarck" and "The Battle of New Orleans". I had no taste whatsoever during the 1960's... I still enjoy the 60's fat camp Batman episodes. With the C&W albums I will give them each a listen but I don't believe I will be hanging on to them. I've seen far too many episodes of Extreme Hoarders on TV and I still aim, although I often miss, for the minimalist approach to life.
As for Essex, we were only down there for a short time as my mother lives in a very small cottage & we will need to plan a longer stay in a local B & B the next time. I know Colchester reasonably well having visited the town for over twenty years but my son doesn't. So an extended visit may be required. I am still working on how to prise my mother out of her routine and visit us here in Grimsby. For tonight... more vinyl and a couple of well deserved beers as accompaniment.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Pinch & punch, first of the month and no returns.

Welcome to autumn, "the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom friend of the maturing sun...."  as Keats put it although I also like Verlaine's more sombre Chanson d'automne with it's overtones of decay and death. Autumn is the season I like best with the peppery scent of decaying leaves, woodsmoke and the chill creeping in as the evenings draw in. A melancholy fool perhaps but I enjoy walking at this time of the year. Particularly through the woods and kicking up leaves although they haven't yet fallen in any great numbers.

With a decent camera and regular working hours I may now have time to photograph autumn scenes as well as the usual photos of the daft dog. The nearest wood is a good two miles away and sadly I am no longer sure the pooch could manage to get there and back plus an hours walking through the woods. Having said that she coped well with the five mile walk we did the other day although I am still hobbling somewhat... I overdid the pace setting out. I will have to set out early in the day as the woods tend to attract the usual  ne'r do wells and scrotes with mischief  in mind. Yesterday, my son spotted a woman in a large mercedes snorting cocaine off the dashboard. All of this in broad daylight near the main road. With the local alkies carousing into the early hours of each morning and blatant drug deals happening most days plus the obvious urban decay it really does feel like this town is dying and society is fragmenting. But it is autumn and mellow fruitfulness should be the focus of this post. The garden has provided several more tomatoes and a couple of chillies plus our excllent neighbours blackberry bush has provided an abundance of berries as well as some of their delightful apples. I will be exploring recipes for a slimming world crumble one of these autumnal evenings.