Friday, August 31, 2012

I am on my hols!
Sadly, I am spending it having a quiet sherbert at home after a busy few days at work & more mileage than one can shake a stick at. The A1 was its usual delightful madness yesterday with torrential rain & the speed jockeys "aving it" at 90mph in the fast lane. My 180 mile round trip looked doomed when I arrived to discover the recipient of my assessment had done a runner. I gave an audible groan but an inner silent cheer that someone well beyond their three score and ten had scarpered with the police in hot pursuit. However, duly apprehended and we had a delightful chat as to the merits of local public transport amongst other things. I have to confess that like the majority of NHS employees I have no idea what is happening other than the belief that we are headed towards Dickie Branson's nirvana of tubular balls of private health care provision.
  C'est la vie et plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Money wasted on anything but direct patient care.

No 1. son had an emergency dental appointment this evening and he received two temporary fillings, his first. At long last he has admitted he must reduce his fizzy pop intake as the dentist identified that as the main culprit. He drinks gallons of the muck and does not realise how poisonous that crap is. Weight gain, dental decay, diabetes... the list goes on. Foul stuff. I am having to now negotiate next weeks trip to the land of the East Saxons with his signing on day (Dole) and a further dental appointment. He now has to sign on weekly because there are so many opportunities for employment here in N E Lincs... He heard from yet another employer who will keep his details on file. A financial squeeze, lots of young unemployed, no opportunities or hope, increasingly draconian laws with a disappearing police farce,  the "good life" of the elites and infamous thrown in their faces plus thieving, lying scumbag politicians is bound to end well. That Arab spring could soon become a British barbecue with the party to end all of these thieving parties. Even my 71 year old mother now talks of stringing up politicians and burning down govt. buildings. The tossers in parliament have no idea of the contempt and hatred for them. I am a moderate but even I now consider a cleansing out of the Augean stables is required and there will be a Heracles or many Spartacus' out there to lead the masses in the bloodletting. Interesting times indeed and the best/ worst is yet to come... On a brighter note more panem et circenses as the paralympics are on. I have enjoyed what I have seen so far despite the PC joy from the usual suspects. The wheelchair basketball has been fantastic and a very tough competition. Britain unlucky to lose out but the Germans were the stronger team.More to come...


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