Friday, August 31, 2012

I am on my hols!
Sadly, I am spending it having a quiet sherbert at home after a busy few days at work & more mileage than one can shake a stick at. The A1 was its usual delightful madness yesterday with torrential rain & the speed jockeys "aving it" at 90mph in the fast lane. My 180 mile round trip looked doomed when I arrived to discover the recipient of my assessment had done a runner. I gave an audible groan but an inner silent cheer that someone well beyond their three score and ten had scarpered with the police in hot pursuit. However, duly apprehended and we had a delightful chat as to the merits of local public transport amongst other things. I have to confess that like the majority of NHS employees I have no idea what is happening other than the belief that we are headed towards Dickie Branson's nirvana of tubular balls of private health care provision.
  C'est la vie et plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Money wasted on anything but direct patient care.

No 1. son had an emergency dental appointment this evening and he received two temporary fillings, his first. At long last he has admitted he must reduce his fizzy pop intake as the dentist identified that as the main culprit. He drinks gallons of the muck and does not realise how poisonous that crap is. Weight gain, dental decay, diabetes... the list goes on. Foul stuff. I am having to now negotiate next weeks trip to the land of the East Saxons with his signing on day (Dole) and a further dental appointment. He now has to sign on weekly because there are so many opportunities for employment here in N E Lincs... He heard from yet another employer who will keep his details on file. A financial squeeze, lots of young unemployed, no opportunities or hope, increasingly draconian laws with a disappearing police farce,  the "good life" of the elites and infamous thrown in their faces plus thieving, lying scumbag politicians is bound to end well. That Arab spring could soon become a British barbecue with the party to end all of these thieving parties. Even my 71 year old mother now talks of stringing up politicians and burning down govt. buildings. The tossers in parliament have no idea of the contempt and hatred for them. I am a moderate but even I now consider a cleansing out of the Augean stables is required and there will be a Heracles or many Spartacus' out there to lead the masses in the bloodletting. Interesting times indeed and the best/ worst is yet to come... On a brighter note more panem et circenses as the paralympics are on. I have enjoyed what I have seen so far despite the PC joy from the usual suspects. The wheelchair basketball has been fantastic and a very tough competition. Britain unlucky to lose out but the Germans were the stronger team.More to come...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer's over... whoosh.... here one day and gone the next. Children back at school next week, wet, cold and windy weather today and September looming large upon the chronological horizon. What with the Jubilee, European football and the Olympics the weeks zoomed by and here we are. being ever an optimist I have booked the first week of September off in the possibly erroneous belief that with a wet summer we may have an Indian summer. Fingers crossed.
This time I shall be heading down to Essex to discover where Tiddles has got to, a quick visit to the sainted Mater and No.1 son is coming with me to catch up with his cousins. I had also hoped to spend a day or two in London but that will wait for another day. With all the olympics razzamatazz I decided to postpone a trip to London until next summer. It will feel odd going to London as a tourist, to the place I grew up in and once knew very well. Weekends as a street urchin travelling gratis via the tube to the West End, the various parks or to the museums in South Kensington. It has been a few years and I have a hankering to view the sites from a new perspective. But that is next summer and I may well have changed my mind by then. I have been considering a well deserved holiday abroad and Bulgaria takes my fancy. Lots of history, good walking plus beaches and reasonably cheap. The property is also cheap over there and I would like a closer look at the country. Mrs C. is not interested so I may have to consider a holiday abroad alone. She has added my interest in the lifestyle over there to the box that contains my dreams of sailing and camper vans. But a holiday and a look around the place won't do any harm although I have spent the past eighteen months researching the place on line. Looking at property on line, following the blogs of people who have moved there and their trials and tribulations. Mind you, I have promised to go to Ireland to catch up with family and I again put it off this year. Time to buy the unbreakable piggy bank and put some money away although with the ever rising costs of everything, particularly fuel, I may well opt for an affordable cycling holiday to Essex and back!

Friday, August 17, 2012

... Surreptitious look from behind the curtains...

The weekend begins from now as I finally take some of the umpteen hours time owing. This is my third attempt to use up accrued time. I finally put my foot down and insisted on the time off.
Have I spent it usefully? Not at all otherwise I would be out doing exciting things involving glamour, fast cars and celebs. But it is raining, I am a broke middle aged man in a quiet backwater and I am happier to just take the opportunity to put my feet up.

As an earlier post stated I am plodding on although the driving and mileage involved in work takes its toll. Worryingly, some of the media are suggesting petrol will hit £1.50 / litre in the near future. I will continue to scour the want ads for local jobs because work travel will become too expensive.

Another but inevitable worry is my dog who is now showing signs of her increasing age. She is slow to get up if she sleeps in one spot for too long. Initially she displays wobbly back legs but once up and moving she is fine. With three elderly cats and now the pooch showing signs of ageing my home is rapidly becoming a feline / canine retirement home. Poor old thing will still spend all day chasing the ball given half a chance. She is also showing a lot of white around her chops. She'll have my undivided attention this weekend as I potter about the garden in between the expected rain showers.
My total garden output has been several tomatoes and one chilli! Too much rain, very little sun and too cold for most of the plants. As for the invasion of the snails... the little shelled bastards overran my plants & only one rather pathetic cucumber plant has survived. I will have to plan more carefully for next year (ever the optimist).
Time for a cup of Lapsang Souchong which Mrs C. dislikes but I thoroughly enjoy the scent and taste.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Allez Allez Wiggo!

It's good to see cycle mania hit the media although whether it translates to the streets time will only tell. I hope it does with all the children watching & excited by the media coverage.I have spent the past week on the exercise bike with five miles every day followed by a light weights workout. That plus the dog walking will hopefully translate into a fitter and "leaner" delcatto. I finally fixed my son's bike and took it out for a spin this afternoon. I had forgotten the freedom cycling gives one and the real connection to one's environment compared with the insulated and disconnected car driving experience. A lot of fun although the bike has double suspension compared to the fixed frames I have been used to. Slightly disconcerting but I will get used to it although I do need to fit some mudguards. It is also a heavy MTB as opposed to a road bike but I wll only be using it for fun and not for commuting. Being a MTB with double suspension may turn out to be a good thing having encountered the numerous pot holes. How much taxation is extracted from motorists... and what is it being spent on?  (Rhetorical question because wars, foreign aid, bankers, interest, pissing it up a wall all has first dibs rather than road maintenance).

I have been watching some of the corporate games fest and I enjoyed the rowing, women's football, sailing and swimming. It is hard to escape the jamboree but I pick and choose those events which appeal to me. I even watched the basketball the other night, another game I played in my youth with all the skills and finesse of a blind charging rhino who has scented a female on heat. I regard my having lots of enthusiasm as an attribute! I am looking forward to the athletics although returning to work may limit what I do get to watch. I must away as I am cooking some low fat egg custards, a favourite of mine and something I haven't yet attempted to cook using the slimming world recipe.
Apart from that it will be feet up and nose in the kindle: I ordered some history e-books and I am ploughing my way through them.