Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here for Miss Mapp is some of my preferred grimey music.

I have mentioned in a very early post my broad, somewhat catholic taste in music (incense optional). I see nothing wrong with enjoying the above band and at another time enjoying the following...

I guess it depends upon my mood, whether I need a boost, to relax or an aural massage for my bruised ego. I can also enjoy some of the sugary pap on offer or a cheesey song.

Then there are some which are a combination of a wonderful song, a beautiful voice and talented musicians who combine to produce sublime music...



Blogger Miss Mapp said...

You do make me laugh. Yes I was very cheeky posting, and I get that not wanting to leave details, but hey, thanks for checking it anyway D.
Was on a flight to LA last year with a metal band. Its a journey I wont forget! Not in my comfort zone really!!! Your last track is prob more my region, but that lead bass and style of mixing is very 70s now. But her voice brought me back to my student days and the buying of Rising for the moon on the advice of an old boyfriend. Had forgotten it till now. Nice one.

1:58 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Fairport Convention, one of my favourite bands.

7:33 pm  

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