Thursday, March 22, 2012

I will be surprised if anyone still reads this but here goes...

Four weeks in and the course has been and continues to be intense. I guess necessarily so with the need to meet very high standards, to cope with various pressures and to attain a hell of a lot of knowledge within a short space of time. Having said that, I am enjoying the studying and the challenges I face and the essay plus two law exams will undoubtedly tax me. A great crowd of fellow students and as well as the studying we do have a laugh, a bit of a craic. In three weeks time I will be on placement with a portfolio to complete, competencies to meet and I have  mixed feelings because I have been given two names as to who may be my supervisor. Fingers crossed as to which one I get... I'll blog about that at a future date.
Despite being immersed in values, models, mental health law, etc... I stick my head up occasionally for the news. Sweet heavens above... what a world and what shit happens. Time for a revolution and changes in our world. Too much to rail at and I promised myself a few months back to avoid getting impotently excited about thieving corrupt politicians, useless chav scum, morons and idiots. Sweeping the jails clean and deport/hang/high secure jail in the Falkland Islands for criminals and reparative community work plus removal of all wealth for lying thieving politicians/leaders would be a corrective. No more foreign wars; leave the eu; money into communities and providing work for the unemployed, improved and cheap public transport, etc... That'll do for starters although having read this through it does make me sound like a fascist. As I always maintain. I am socially liberal but economically conservative and the last 15 years prove that more of the latter is required. What will trigger people to awake from their slumbers?..  although I should be careful what I wish for (Robespierre, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot... not the most successful 'Come dine with me').
Time for cider and some music and NO studying this evening.



Blogger Unknown said...

Not blogging these days but still reading!

Its a tough struggle to stay motivated & working hard to better ourselves when it seems the morons on either end of the social spectrum are having an apparently easier and better time of it.

However, arrogance forbids me from admitting that I'm wrong so I keep trying all the same :o)

8:49 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Of course I'm still reading, it's been so long I consider you one of the best friends I've never met!
Who knew people our age would be being 'schooled' again. Good luck with yours, I'm almost one week into my training with 7 more to go.
We'll be better people for it, though.

9:23 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Glad the course is going well.

The only way to get people to wake up is to remove their i-Gadgets, internet access, daytime TV, and state benefits. Food coupons like they issue in the US should work well. I doubt Waitrose will take them though.

6:57 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Evening folks and good to hear from you all.
I sometimes wonder where my motivation comes from Seany. Especially after several hours reading and essay writing today with a hangover.

Good luck with the training Scoakat, us oldies can learn new tricks.

BW... We were told by a lecturer the other day that access to the internet was a 'human right'... mind boggling and we disagreed.

7:31 pm  

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