Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sadly or happily for some, the above picture is not from this year's Christmas.

A brief break from blogging because I had little to say or others say it better than I can.
Not a great deal has happened over the past three weeks apart from the euro continuing to limp to a slow death, the economy going down the pan & the govt. gearing up for macho posturing in various parts of the world as they continue to waste our money. On a brighter note I have a whole ten days of holiday ahead of me. Given I have worked the past umpteen Christmas holidays I got my request for this time off in very early (last Boxing Day!). I have no real plans apart from much needed R & R before we enter the Mayan end of days that will be 2012. I will use this time to consider the garden & what to plant next year, what beer to brew and when, if ever, this builder will make his appearance (January according to our last converation). The garden looks dreadful after yesterdays deluge and will require some much needed work over the next week to prepare it for the spring (The days are getting longer... Yay!). Seed catalogues will be scrutinised although my plans are for chillies, tomatoes, cucmbers, sweet peppers and various herbs. I have saved some butternut squash seeds to experiment with and followed some tips from a radio gardening programme to start them off. Although the western world may be experiencing a Western Roman Empire end, in this corner I intend to continue to plant, brew beer and maintain standards in an ever optimistic fashion. Anyhow, more coffee beckons and the final checklist for tomorrows festivities.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Hope you all had a good day.

So pleased you've managed to get a proper break this year.

Word verification word: 'makin'. It knows, you know...

2:12 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers BW. Batteries are slowly recharging...

1:41 pm  

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