Saturday, December 31, 2011

          May I wish a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 for you all.

The next generation (No.1 son) is planning to go out with his friends and party tonight whilst we oldies who have seen and celebrated too many New Year eves are planning a quiet night in. I guess like many other people I am worried about what the next year brings but for tonight, a quiet drink with a good meal and avoiding the endless reviews of 2011 / predictions for 2012. Some DVD's to provide the entertainment and an early night...  Life in the fast lane indeed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Enough beer and food on Christmas day to feed a regiment. Sprouts were literally sprouting upon our respective plates, with Christmas pudding and mince pies in custard a couple of hours later. So the past two days have seen me and the pooch walking it all off although I again had a few beers as well as a mince pie and more custard yesterday evening. A couple of delightful days spent with the family and doing very little beyond listening to music and conversation. As I walked the pooch this morning we admired the frenetic crowds in their cars besieging various shopping outlets for that "must have bargain".
I decided a quiet walk beside the river and well away from the madness would be good for my soul and healthier for the mutt as well. I met several dog walkers doing the same. Trainers to kill for, electronics and soft furnishings worth getting into further debt for, precious days off spent fruitlessly filling that gap in ones' life... pffft! What a life or not as the case may be.

The radio is filled with the usual reviews of the past year and what 2012 will hold for us next year. As I stated in an earlier post I intend to concentrate upon family, home, garden and my health beause I have little or no influence on the gormless in govt. and other assorted idiots. So I tend to listen to BBCi / other stations as I can be selective in my listening rather than endure the needless propaganda spouted without evidence or analysis. Planet Rock's generally good for music as is BBC Radios 3 and 6. For the new year I intend to stay home, drink some good beers and whisky and contact friends and family via the net before I enjoy my usual dry January as I return to the serious slog of dieting. Mind you, I am back on the diet as of today and tomorrow is set aside for garden maintenance / clearance. I'll be gently easing myself back into cadence of normal everyday life after the Christmas celebrations.
I hope you all had a good and peaceful Christmas and received everything you wanted. Don't forget, you have the opportunity to do it all again next year...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sadly or happily for some, the above picture is not from this year's Christmas.

A brief break from blogging because I had little to say or others say it better than I can.
Not a great deal has happened over the past three weeks apart from the euro continuing to limp to a slow death, the economy going down the pan & the govt. gearing up for macho posturing in various parts of the world as they continue to waste our money. On a brighter note I have a whole ten days of holiday ahead of me. Given I have worked the past umpteen Christmas holidays I got my request for this time off in very early (last Boxing Day!). I have no real plans apart from much needed R & R before we enter the Mayan end of days that will be 2012. I will use this time to consider the garden & what to plant next year, what beer to brew and when, if ever, this builder will make his appearance (January according to our last converation). The garden looks dreadful after yesterdays deluge and will require some much needed work over the next week to prepare it for the spring (The days are getting longer... Yay!). Seed catalogues will be scrutinised although my plans are for chillies, tomatoes, cucmbers, sweet peppers and various herbs. I have saved some butternut squash seeds to experiment with and followed some tips from a radio gardening programme to start them off. Although the western world may be experiencing a Western Roman Empire end, in this corner I intend to continue to plant, brew beer and maintain standards in an ever optimistic fashion. Anyhow, more coffee beckons and the final checklist for tomorrows festivities.

Friday, December 02, 2011

A brief foray into town this morning to pay some bills and to buy a couple of presents. Once again we are going for small personal gifts which are not going to break the bank and are actually needed / wanted by the recipients. It wasn't too busy at such an early hour and the bills are the ones I refuse to pay by direct debit. Two companies in particular screwed up DD payments in the past and I prefer to manage andhave control of my payments. We also popped into the 99p shop... tat and all for 99p each. Now that shop and the pound shops are very busy, a sign of the times. I also bought some new clothes for work having dropped two clothes sizes. A good winter coat was a priority because my old coat not only looked tatty but I was swamped in it. Mrs C. said I looked very odd in it... an overweight anorexic was her description of me!
The weight loss is now slow but hopefully steady. It is also interesting from psychological and social perspectives. The former because I am adjusting to being different and the latter because others perceive an obvious change in the person standing in front of them. I am aware that a job I went for three years ago which I didn't get was down to my size. I heard on the grapevine that the panel preferred the slimmer, sharp suited, younger candidate with little experience to me. When I heard that I was angry but it finally acted as a spur to my losing weight. I was last at my current weight in 1996 so can I blame 13 years of new labour? Leaner times under the tories may be responsible for a leaner me! Happily I know it is down to me and  have taken responsibilty for myself. No.1 son has a hankering for lasagne so I will be making a slimming world version for him this evening. I'll be using quorn so that his girlfriend may also eat it. I am attempting to inculcate good eating habits with him but I fear I have lost him already to the fast food culture. However, dieting may be unneccessary once the euro and European economies (including the UK) goes tits up because we'll be living on baked beans and lentils anyway. We'll be digging up gardens and growing our own food.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Pinch, punch, First of the month and all that mallarkey.
It's winter and the sun is shining outside and the beeb news gave lots of time to its drought news for southern England. I also had a chocolate from my advent calender and I am currently listening to Christmas songs on spotify. You just know my enthusiasm will wane fairly quickly...
I looked at my entries for this time last year when everywhere was covered in snow and the country ground to a halt.Very different this year and I do wonder whether we will have snow this month. New cars have been leased for the crisis team and I again suggested 4x4's. Lovely cars have arrived but they have plumped for the cheap two wheel drive versions. Cue the fun and games if the weather does change for the worse.
 I saw an otter in our local river the other evening whilst out dog walking a few days ago. I was astonished to see what is a large predator in the river and I was riveted to the spot with delight and wonderment. The two anglers who also witnessed it were not so delighted as the fish stock will rapidly diminish. I really am going to start carrying a camera with me to capture these moments.