Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I returned to work yesterday and I found a shed load of work awaiting me. After the last two weeks where I chilled out and did as little as possible, returning to the fray was somewhat of a shock to the old system. So much so I retired to bed at 10.15 pm after playing the nodding dog in front of the box. A large chunk of my ten hour day yesterday was taken up with driving the 150 odd miles to various assessments around different parts of the county. I couldn't move after being cramped up in the hot tin box for five hours. So today, in between catching up on paperwork I took a much needed long walk with the pooch. Sadly, as I lose weight and attempt to walk faster she has slowed down. She'll be eight years old this October and I have now moved her on to 'senior dog food'. No, not paella...  I needed to stretch my limbs, get some fresh air and aim for that life/ work balance the health kommisars keep banging on about. The pooch recovers quickly  from any exertions and is ever hopeful with one of her toys or balls dropped at my feet soon after we return.
Work itself continues as always and I haven't got a clue regarding my future. The first tranche of voluntary 'mutually agreed resignations' have occurred and I guess the next step to saving millions is a further cull of staff. It always appears to be the frontline staff who go so the next year could be very interesting. A few of us older 'time served' staff have discussed whether we would take redundancy if it was offered. I have to admit it is tempting because I could use some money to get the house repaired and I could tie it in with early retirement. The money wouldn't last long and I would have to continue working, preferably as a nurse and the way things are going in the NHS it would be in private care. But that is to jump ahead to next year and the future remains unknown. 2012 for all those conspiracy theorists... Aliens, asteroid, plagues, the end of western civilisation in an  imperial Roman fashion. Exciting times indeed...



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