Saturday, April 02, 2011

I have been somewhat tardy in posting over the last month with the usual excuse offered. Work and real life got in the way with lots of early nights, deadlines to meet and making the most of any good weather. Not that anything exciting has happened. Work is busier than ever with lots of referrals for the crisis job. Given the current economic situation and our lack of staff I don't see that getting any easier. I guess I should be happy with the increase in work but seeing people crumble to the point where mental health services have to intervene is no cause to feel thankful for. Having just worked the last two weeks with only one day off is the reason I am so glad to have this weekend off. I haven't any special plans apart from attending to the garden. Another new rose plant in, a climbing rose this time, plus compost bought and seeds ready to go into propagators. After the disaster of last year I have waited until now to sow seeds. Mrs C. has new solar lights in to replace those broken (waggy tailed dog!) plus some colour changing spinning ones / wind chimes. I am expecting planes to land each night. Lots of seeds with the inevitable salad leaves, chillis and tomatoes plus various flowers. No.1 son broke both garden chairs in his enthusiam as he leaps into them. The exuberance and inconsideration of youth. So a couple of garden chairs will be on my shopping list. I am ever hopeful of a hot summer and I have plenty of mosquito repellents ready for when I sit out with a good book and cold beer. Here's hoping for sunshine over the Easter holidays and long lazy days.


Blogger Unknown said...

I've finished my new additions this morning. Veg bed re-stocked last week with the same as last year. Greenhouse cleaned out today and re-stocked courtesy of the B&Q 6 for a fiver promo - 3 tomatoes and 3 chillies - habanero, scotch bonnet & jalapeno. Here's to a hot summer!

8:31 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

That's odd. My comment disappeared!

I might just pop down to B&Q this weekend for '6 for a fiver'. There is no such thing as never enough chillies!

12:07 pm  

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