Monday, April 04, 2011

The garden bears a resemblance to the above picture but after a long and at times difficult winter it currently looks a mess. I spent yesterday morning sowing various vegetables in plastic propagators and the back room has several dotted about it. I also started to tidy up the garden although the green rubbish bin was quickly filled as I set about one large bush in particular. I could do with removing it completely but it can wait until the end of the year. It is occupying the space I plan to put a small greenhouse in but there is also an old rose bush there which I like and will keep for one more year. I'm not sure about moving an old rose bush and I suspect any such attempt to prune it back, dig it out and replant elsewhere next winter is likely to kill it. A trip to the council rubbish site is also needed to get rid of lots of rubbish that has accumulated in the garden over the past year. So lots to do later this month as the weather warms up when I have a couple of days off.

Mothers day yesterday and a lengthy chat with my Mum who told me about a care home near to her which is under investigation for neglecting the residents. This prompted her remark that a bottle of good champagne and a lot of pills is her preferred choice for the future rather than neglect in a care home. I suggested she goes back to her plan B... break windows and assault an MP. That will guarantee her a roof over her head, three square meals a day and a life of Riley courtesy of her majesty!


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

When we moved in here I successfully moved about a dozen old rose bushes. It was about this time of year, so, if you want to do it.... go for it now! You'll never regret a greenhouse.

And it's a sad reflection on our society, but your Mum's Plan B is, I'm sure, adopted (at some level - some not as extreme as a stretch inside) by many who feel disenfranchised by the world today.

10:48 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

It's very true... Don't grow old in our current society.
Thanks BW, I will revisit the Rose bush.

8:33 am  

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