Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy...

I bit the bullet and I bought a small plastic greenhouse for the seedlings when they are ready. Cheap as chips in a local poundstretcher where I wandered around looking at all the stuff Woolies used to sell. Grimsby is full of pound stores and they are generally crowded as people look to save money or are forced to buy cheap goods in these straitened times. Although a day off I was up very early, dog walked and necessary shopping completed. But after a very long day and a lot of mileage yesterday to complete assessments and training staff in care homes all I want to do today is mooch around and relax. If anything I need is not within walking distance I can live without it.

Similar to the 'Beast'.

 I bought the little Suzuki as a runabout and for the thirty mile commute to and from work. But it is having to cope with long journeys and so am I. Regular long trips over to Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire see me prepared with the ipod touch plugged in, good real coffee in the flask and planned pit stops. The seats in the car get very uncomfortable on journeys of more than fifty miles so a walk and good stretch is necessary. I know long journeys here in the UK are short trips in the US but our dreadful third world roads only enhance the journey! I am even considering a satnav although I still prefer ready reckoning and a good map. I'll be alright when solar flares burn the satellites to a crisp... well, according to those channel five made for TV on a budget disaster movies. Suffice to say my days off generally see me walking and avoiding any driving if possible.

                                                         Potential makeover....

No.1 son is taking driving lessons and work have suggested they may consider him as a potential van driver when he passes his test. He is looking around for cheap cars but it's the cost of insurance which has caused him to take a deep breath. I suggested he buy an old and very cheap Nissan Micra or a Ford fiesta: cheap for spares for the inevitable prang and costs will be low. As he is getting excited about entering the world of motoring I see it as freedom from public transport but otherwise a necessary chore and expense. With unleaded petrol now costing £1.30 per litre I am increasingly drawn to future possibilities of working nearer home and returning to cycling again. Speaking of which it's time for my daily turn on the exercise bike.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Cars are a necessary evil, indeed! The less time I spend in my car the happier I am.
Oh, by the way...Happy Blogday, Delcatto! 5 years now, eh? Congratulations!

3:56 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers Scoakat!
I hadn't noticed it was my blogday and an excuse to write another post.

7:20 pm  
Blogger Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Oh, jumping on the bandwagon and wishing you a Happy Blogday (belated).

I'm so fed up of the cost of petrol I'm thinking of working in the car once I've done the school run, rather than make the return journey and have to drive back again in the afternoon. I'm self-employed most of the time and work from home, so now the warmer weather's here it's an option. If I did this twice a week it would save over 250 miles a month.


11:14 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

£1.32 per litre now!
You could get yourself a small campervan Suzie with cooking and tea facilities. Use it as an office as well.

11:30 am  

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