Saturday, February 26, 2011

This has not been the best of weeks for the catto household. Tigger has injured one of her legs, so rest and tlc required. Molly dislocated one of her back legs which I reset much to the distress and horror of Mrs C and LE. She's now running around without any noticeable problems other than her usual dislike of the other cats. Finally, the debilitating cough I have had for ten weeks resulted in a prescription of antibiotics. If this doesn't work I will be called in for further tests.  I will be very happy just to have a good nights sleep without coughing and being able to perform the most basic of tasks without getting breathless.  A friend helpfully reminded me of the man who had a tree growing in one of his lungs! My money is on a run of the mill infection.

But the past week has opened our eyes to the con trick Cats Protection have pulled on us when we offered a home to Tigger and acquired Molly as well seven years ago. Both are a lot older than we have been led to believe. It doesn't make any difference to us because we would not get rid of them. Instead of being approximately  10 - 11 years old it is likely they are in their 'early teens' in cat years. Sleep and comfort are increasingly their preferred activities of choice. At eight years of age Mog remains a lively and, to the other cats, annoying youngster. Hopefully some warmish weather as winter ends and the garden will once again be their domain to loll around. Meanwhile I shall be out buying food for geriatric cats and a litter tray for Tigger as she recuperates. An afternoon of rugby awaits me and just to annoy any passing French people I shall shout Allez Angleterre! and Bourrez les Francais! very loudly as the game progresses.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Good luck with your cats, ours is getting up there as well. What was she doing to dislocate her leg? I've never come across that.

And I hope you feel like your old self soon - or even better!

2:00 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Sadly she was picked up and as she climbed onto the chair her leg 'popped out'. I picked her up and gently stroked her back and leg, popping it back in. Her walk as the leg was out freaked out Mrs C. and LE, as well as my fixing it. Old nursing trick for dislocated shoulders.

2:11 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

We noticed over the past year her struggles to jump onto things. Part of ageing I guess.

2:12 pm  

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