Friday, October 01, 2010

I didn't think it could get any wetter but today the rain fell by the bucketload. The weather map was blue stairrods superimposed upon an outline of the UK with added large cartoon raindrops. No.1 son is walking in North Yorkshire on a night hike with the scouts and camping there over the weekend. It'll put hairs on his chest although he's done it now for the past five years and he thoroughly enjoys himself. I remember one two week camp with the army cadets back in the hoary days of the 1970's (history according to my son) when my brother and I went on the wrong 'walks'. Although I did a lot of sports my brother was and is the fitter of the two of us. I ended up doing the thirty mile forced yomp with the Royal Marines whilst my brother strolled the twenty mile march. I completed it and in time much to the astonishment of the instructor but as I pointed out I am a stubborn bugger. Mind you, two weeks of running, PT, etc...ensured we were pretty fit. We even did parachute training from one of those standing rigs although we never got as far as going up and doing it for real. These days I'd blanch and run a mile but as teenagers who thought we were indestructible and full of excess energy and it literally was child's play. The scars from various accidents remain to this day (rope burn on left palm and scar on my chin from a rifle butt) and would, if repeated in 2010, give the PC brigade a blue fit and encourage the ambulance chasing lawyers. Still, I don't envy No.1 out walking in this weather. Hopefully he will enjoy a softer day tomorrow.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I still say that some of my best, and most long-lasting/formative experiences were those I had on county, national and international guide camps. Same sort of thing. Which led on to mountaineering and rock climbing years later. Oh to have the physical ability to do it all again... I miss it.

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