Sunday, August 08, 2010

No blogging of late because all work and no play makes for extremely boring blogs. Sadly I would love to blog more about work because mental illness, social issues and the inability of some individuals without any mental illness to accept any responsibility for themselves and their behaviour does make for interesting stories. However, confidentiality and my need to earn a crust doesn't allow me to do this. The changed hours in the team has kept us busy. Same volume of work with fewer hours in which to address it all although I am now working longer but fewer days. We also received a bumper parcel of new paperwork which will apparently aid us in our endeavours. None of it is necessary so we filed it in a back drawer safely out of our way. The arrival of the parcel confirmed my belief that one particular department could be axed to save money. But what do I know given my belief that business managers, equality managers, PR managers are unnecessary in the NHS but they've been employed in droves. So the next time that one overworked nurse rushes past you whilst you are trying to attract their attention, maybe that auditor or the equality manager could answer your clinical need. Perhaps the quality manager or the accountant plus their several admin staff could help you...rather than the one tired overworked accountable nurse.



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