Friday, August 20, 2010

Another week flown by and once again I have to blame work. We were once a fifteen strong team but now reduced to (tears) five to cover the same 500 square miles. Yet another night where I finish late, sans a lunch break and having worked an extra two hours unpaid. To tell the truth yesterday I felt close to breaking point and ready to walk but my colleagues are in the same boat and to ensure the same high standard of service we all do this. put in the extra to maintain a service. But the cracks are showing and everyone looks exhausted. Happily we acquire two new members of staff next month of whom one has lots of experience and the other is a newbie. We can inculcate the right experience, knowledge and attitude into the newbie with hopefully a good result. However, this weekend off and time to recharge the batteries before once more returning to the fray on Monday.The good news is that the coalition govt. is reviewing benefits for those "disabled" by alcohol and drug misuse. The bad news is the rediscovery of a "mental illness" to retain their benefits. i.e. Calling upon our services and that of other crisis teams nationally. So possibly even busier times ahead.

I would like to say lots happening on the home front but I'm working and never here. When I am I find sleep has first dibs on my time and the ten hours last night helped. I was on call but it's doubtful I'd have woken to a brass band playing oompah in the bedroom! The cat woke me at 6.30 with her desperate need for the toilet although her first port of call was the food bowls so no surprise there.
Anyway, a favourite song of mine and as I get older there is an added poignancy, for friends I've lost along the way...

Finally, just beautiful...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Knowing the geography of your area a little, and having (when I worked for an LEA) done a very peripatetic job in a similarly rural area, I am horrified that you are but 5 to cover 500 square miles.

I'm beginning to think that the only way to cure the long-term benefitees culture in this country is the reintroduction of workhouses. Or publication of lists on the internet so we can all see who's claiming what. It's all too easy, and I don't envy your job of having to decide who is and who isn't really in mental need.

3:31 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Don't worry, we know. The trouble is trying to convince managers/GP's/relatives/etc...
A lot of time spent working prior to the crisis team with people with truly severe and enduring mental illness is a great teacher as are the people themselves.

10:32 pm  

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