Friday, July 23, 2010

Where did that week go? There I was having an existential crisis and this evening I am listening to Planet Rock and sipping a pint of Old Peculiar and feeling more relaxed. Truth to tell I have had an extremely busy week at work and I have been on call for the last two nights. I was called on both nights and combined with my regular hours, I feel as though I haven't left work. An hour before I finished today we received two urgent referrals and a request for a hospital admission. My boss took one look at my red rimmed tired eyes and he decided to deal with them. Seven days on the trot and little sleep over the past two nights does not make for a happy bunny and it showed. Consequently I intend to relax, enjoy the sun and the family and forget about work.
Last weeks crisis, if such it was, has passed and I'd like to thank Scoakat and Bill for their kind words. I tend to be a phlegmatic soul and I am not given to worrying too much about those things in life one can't change. Having assessed many people over the past year suffering various stages of dementia I do believe life is for living. What's the point of having regrets especially if you are anxious and can't remember why. If working all your life, having very little fun or taking time to stop and stare;having little time for friends and family with the end result being dementia and the state robbing you blind to the detriment of your family in your final years. If this is the rationale for one's life...I can only say no thank you. Enjoy it now, make time for others and stop to smell those flowers, real or metaphorical. In my crisis work the most common problem we encounter is anxiety. One analogy I like to use is that of the dog. As long as your dog is fed, warm and shown affection, he'll happily live for the moment and enjoy the here and now. No worries or ruminating on the past or what awaits them in the future. The sun is shining, here's my ball, throw for me now!...Here's my ball, the sun is shining, throw the ball!...etc. Does the dog suffer anxiety? Yes, but only momentarily because you have stopped throwing the ball. He knows you will throw the ball again at some point and being an optimist it will be very soon. So this weekend I intend to spend time just throwing the ball.


Blogger Scoakat said...

You can THROW the ball or you can throw the ball. You'll know which you did if the shoulder hurts after. I'm finding out that getting older means accepting my limitations (or at least understanding them more).

'Crisis' may not be the best word, but that's not to diminish the feel of it at all. As I've brutally realized the last few years, we are not immortal after all..

4:17 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Too true Scoakat. What's worse sometimes is noticing friends and relatives showing their age.

11:16 am  

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