Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This post might not make it as there appear to be gremlins tampering with the goes.
Travelling hither and thither about the county in my tin box on regulo 7 in this delightful weather, I have been struck (as was one hare t'other night) by the number of hares I have seen. Bunnies galore as per usual but lots of hares dicing with death as they dash across the busy roads. Is it the weather or do they detect another volcano about to erupt / earthquake. Maybe they believe it is March.
Any ideas anyone?
Workwise, we now have an admin for our BIA team although she also admins for another associated team plus one other person (now that's what I call getting value for money). She is permanently esconsed in the box room where six people have to share two desks and four chairs. Another two people will be joining the other team so there will be eight people in the same room. Thank the imaginary deity of your choice we can use other offices or work from home because if all of us turn up as happened on Monday...well, it wasn't very pleasant as the usual grumbling (NHS default mode) turned mutinous. We pinched an empty air conditioned spacious managers office during his absence and left the others to their dispute. After all, my colleague and I pointed out these concerns six months ago but as is often the case, we menials aren't listened to. So changes are afoot,people being moved around and those that leave aren't being replaced. Where they need to be replaced it is usually a newly qualified worker at a lower grade with a commensurate lower rate of pay. I am sure we do not need business managers, equality managers, touchy feely stroke the balloon managers...c'est la vie. I have moved into grumbling NHS default mode so I'll stop there.


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