Saturday, June 19, 2010

That's the mutt sadly waiting for me to walk her. Unfortunately my plans for today decided to take the Armitage Shanks mystery tour. The mystery being what the hell has taken over my innards and left me feeling weaker than an eight week old kitten sans the friskiness. I'm also burping like there is no tomorrow. I had planned to photograph the Viking re-enactors plus 'ship' landing and invading the town this morning and then work this afternoon. Instead, I lay slumped in front of the TV with the sound turned down as I slept through the National Geographic channel showing deep sea treasure hunters. Occasionally I woke up to see what was happening but all I'm left with is a confused melange of fish, sunken ships and excitable archaeologists. It may well have been some French expressionist film for all I cared and misunderstood. Perhaps it was the dire football with the England team who certainly appeared all at sea as they struggled to hold mighty Algeria to a draw that made me ill? Ah well, back to spotify and listening to Traffic as I sip my hot water and lemon.


Blogger Unknown said...

Your certainly not alone in thinking the England performance was sickening!

6:34 am  

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