Sunday, June 06, 2010

After a hard days graft I arrive home to a delightful roast dinner and to see the local Matalan go up in flames. Rumours abound as to how this happened with the odds on evens for a shoplifter burning off tags preparatory to shoving the purloined goods up their baggy jumper. A large crowd gathered to enjoy the spectacle of flames, smoke and fire engines in attendance whilst the police ensured the crowd toasted their marshmallows with extra long forks. The roast dinner had nothing to do with the store going up in smoke although the fire investigators found several Yorkshires amidst the smoking wreckage. Arson does appear to be popular in Grimsby...allegedly. Sadly this probably adds more people to the local unemployment queues.

Realistic interpretation of actual event.

On the work front: picture tumbleweed blowing across your line of vision as you face the general store and farriers. I'd say it was the weather but after last night's Gotterdammerrung performance and the steady downpour today I don't think so. Maybe they are all on holiday although the break is welcome after the deluge of referrals this past month. I'm off to smoke me a kipper...


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