Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This post might not make it as there appear to be gremlins tampering with the goes.
Travelling hither and thither about the county in my tin box on regulo 7 in this delightful weather, I have been struck (as was one hare t'other night) by the number of hares I have seen. Bunnies galore as per usual but lots of hares dicing with death as they dash across the busy roads. Is it the weather or do they detect another volcano about to erupt / earthquake. Maybe they believe it is March.
Any ideas anyone?
Workwise, we now have an admin for our BIA team although she also admins for another associated team plus one other person (now that's what I call getting value for money). She is permanently esconsed in the box room where six people have to share two desks and four chairs. Another two people will be joining the other team so there will be eight people in the same room. Thank the imaginary deity of your choice we can use other offices or work from home because if all of us turn up as happened on Monday...well, it wasn't very pleasant as the usual grumbling (NHS default mode) turned mutinous. We pinched an empty air conditioned spacious managers office during his absence and left the others to their dispute. After all, my colleague and I pointed out these concerns six months ago but as is often the case, we menials aren't listened to. So changes are afoot,people being moved around and those that leave aren't being replaced. Where they need to be replaced it is usually a newly qualified worker at a lower grade with a commensurate lower rate of pay. I am sure we do not need business managers, equality managers, touchy feely stroke the balloon managers...c'est la vie. I have moved into grumbling NHS default mode so I'll stop there.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I mentioned in an earlier post that No.1 son will be helping with the sound desk at some outdoor gigs in Cleethorpes next month. I found out today it will be 'The Feeling' and Russell Watson...separate gigs of course. Just a taster below...

I'll admit it, I am gobsmacked because these are national and for Russell Watson, international artists. All I can say is "Go for it my son!"

I did consider the Russell Watson version but I do prefer 'proper opera': snob or just high standards? Whatever, here it is...

I am basking in the warm glow of this and a glass of Laphroaig 'Quarter Cask'. This must be what heaven is like, just perfect. Mrs C. describes the whisky as 'smells like turps or cleaner'.
I am now on Vaughan Williams for further and even more lush basking...Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. Marvellous.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I thought I'd give it another showing...

Good grief!
I must take my medication to get rid of the delusion that England are a world class team...Time for the cool damp flannel and a darkened room as the England players go away to enjoy their premiership wages.

A hot and glorious day which sadly has been spent at work...someone's got to keep peddling to keep the cogs of UK plc going although the rudder has been broken for many years now and we're not far off the rocks! On the work front more people are leaving the team before we are amalgamated with t'other lot in the autumn. We will be down to the bare bones although not necessarily "one man and his dog". Perhaps a few of us plus several dogs. Our hours are changing and certainly for the better plus some worrying mutterings from our prospective new boss about moving in with t'other lot. That will be interesting because there is no room in their offices which are already seriously overloaded. Anyhow, football is calling me so...

Monday, June 21, 2010

No.1 son was presented with two shields and electrical equipment as Student of the Year 2010. He is pleased as punch and we are very proud of him. Hopefully this will convince prospective employers of his potential and he will get that apprenticeship soon. He has a job application in with a local store so as to earn money over the summer and during college next year. He is desperate to earn money for driving lessons as well as a lengthy list of desirables. With the 'Jack the Ripper'* budget due tomorrow and the prospect of lengthening dole queues...fingers crossed for him.

*Newspaper columnists and their lack of imagination.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I must be feeling better as I have a craving for chocolate. Always fruit & nut in milk chocolate although my preference is usually for dark chocolate. I may have to pay a visit to the Willingham chocolate factory again but for tonight Cadbury's will suffice. Rubbish on the telly so it's Spotify and the Super Furry Animals, although their music can be a bit hit and miss for me. Always better than Oasis or Bon Jovi both of which rank very low on my listenability scale i.e. zero. Otherwise it will be an early night as a seventy mile journey awaits me tomorrow for an early morning assessment. Alarm set for 05.50 and a busy day ahead for me. No.1 son has a college awards ceremony tomorrow evening so I can hopefully butter up some local employers to offer him an apprenticeship. He also has the opportunity to set up the stage and sound equipment at some outdoors gigs next month. His friend runs a company doing this around the country and No.1 has already built on his experience of doing this at school by helping out at the local bikers club. So if the apprenticeship doesn't come through, he plans a further year at college and then attempt to help his mate out...hopefully for some money! Secret machines on spotify now...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

That's the mutt sadly waiting for me to walk her. Unfortunately my plans for today decided to take the Armitage Shanks mystery tour. The mystery being what the hell has taken over my innards and left me feeling weaker than an eight week old kitten sans the friskiness. I'm also burping like there is no tomorrow. I had planned to photograph the Viking re-enactors plus 'ship' landing and invading the town this morning and then work this afternoon. Instead, I lay slumped in front of the TV with the sound turned down as I slept through the National Geographic channel showing deep sea treasure hunters. Occasionally I woke up to see what was happening but all I'm left with is a confused melange of fish, sunken ships and excitable archaeologists. It may well have been some French expressionist film for all I cared and misunderstood. Perhaps it was the dire football with the England team who certainly appeared all at sea as they struggled to hold mighty Algeria to a draw that made me ill? Ah well, back to spotify and listening to Traffic as I sip my hot water and lemon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've just had a thought...isn't there a new version of Hawaii 5-0 coming out soon? Conspiracy theorists will have a field day although they still can't explain why crop circles don't occur in gravel gardens. Gravel litter circles...crop circles in the hair of sleeping hippies as they await the aliens.

Never mind, just book him Danno.
Hey Dude, like totally rad...

Theory of Everything?

Does it explain odd socks, why women love shopping and why toast lands butter side down?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well...that was a week I do not want to repeat. Several days earache and a sore throat with swollen glands and my sinuses bunged up did not make for a happy bunny. I soldiered on at work although all I wanted to do was sleep with the duvet over my head. Even the thought of the world cup could not excite me. Fingers crossed I am now over the worst of it. I can now hear conversations and breathe properly. As for speaking and hearing your voice echo dully inside your head...weird sensation and wholly unpleasant. Mrs C. helpfully pointed out yesterday that it could be mumps so I searched NHS Direct and I am appropriately treating it: pain relief and fluids with plenty of rest. The alcohol covers the first two and six hours a night does the a bit of paracetamol.
The world cup has commenced and for England's opening match I will be in a Thai restaurant with several lovely ladies without access to a TV. When my work colleague suggested a night out for several of us to celebrate the moving on of an esteemed colleague I asked that the night out doesn't clash with the England world cup matches. Ah well, I can't blame my friend because as she pointed out "It's only a game" and I have to admit to agreeing with her. I won't be drinking because I'll be driving so I might get back in time for the post match Elvis show at my local pub and a pint. Needless to say I have planned my work rota so that I do get to watch the rest of the matches, preferably in the pub with the crowd providing commentary which is generally miles funnier and more informative than that provided on the TV.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

After a hard days graft I arrive home to a delightful roast dinner and to see the local Matalan go up in flames. Rumours abound as to how this happened with the odds on evens for a shoplifter burning off tags preparatory to shoving the purloined goods up their baggy jumper. A large crowd gathered to enjoy the spectacle of flames, smoke and fire engines in attendance whilst the police ensured the crowd toasted their marshmallows with extra long forks. The roast dinner had nothing to do with the store going up in smoke although the fire investigators found several Yorkshires amidst the smoking wreckage. Arson does appear to be popular in Grimsby...allegedly. Sadly this probably adds more people to the local unemployment queues.

Realistic interpretation of actual event.

On the work front: picture tumbleweed blowing across your line of vision as you face the general store and farriers. I'd say it was the weather but after last night's Gotterdammerrung performance and the steady downpour today I don't think so. Maybe they are all on holiday although the break is welcome after the deluge of referrals this past month. I'm off to smoke me a kipper...

Friday, June 04, 2010

Check out the drummer!!