Monday, May 31, 2010

Last night's music thrash for charity saw the pub packed with youngsters, as well as us old 'uns, with most of the spirits running out and the beer flowing like a veritable Niagara. Noisy, crowded and lots of laughter. All in all a great night out with lots of money going to charidee. So my head first thing this morning was thumping necessitating a pint of lime cordial, paracetamol and a long hot shower. That plus the inevitable fried breakfast appears to have sorted me out. I think it might have been the fluorescent pink strawberry vodka shots that did the damage!
I promised to let my hair down this weekend although Saturday night spent watching the Eurovision song contest which was won by....

After last night and with the inevitable bank holiday weather I'll spend today lazing around.


Blogger Unknown said...

That was pretty much the agenda here today too, although the to do list keeps growing...

8:54 pm  

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