Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am perplexed! Rather than replacing the bathroom wash basin hot tap washer which is dripping again, I bought a kit to replace the upper part of the tap. Tools ready, tea on the go and kettle filled for refills and I turn the water off. Except it does not turn off. I have turned the combi boiler off and the stopcock to the off position. Water still running merrily and gurgling down the plughole. I flush toilets and turn on other taps but no change. I have done this procedure several times before to replace the washer and it has always worked. Hence I am now perplexed and left with a still dripping tap. This does not bode well and I may have to call out a plumber (more money!!) to help me work out how to turn off the stopcock. Mrs C states it only turns off the garden tap and is not a stopcock but having repaired the tap several times it did turn off the water. She says the plumber who replaced our bath stated you only have to switch the combi boiler off. Now thoroughly bamboozled.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Have you tried turning off the water at the main (outside) stopcock? (the one with the meter attached if you ahve a meter, or the main one the water company are responsbile for - usually just outside your property, often a flap cover in the verge).

Once it's off, eventually, then, your tanks will empty with the measures you've already tried, and not be able to refil.

If you don't know hwere your main stopcock is (or if it doens't work properly), a water board official will be sent to find and check/mend it for you - free of charge!

10:18 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Cheers for the advice BW, we've sorted it now although the stopcock may be as old as the house (Edwardian)!

8:10 pm  

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