Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am perplexed! Rather than replacing the bathroom wash basin hot tap washer which is dripping again, I bought a kit to replace the upper part of the tap. Tools ready, tea on the go and kettle filled for refills and I turn the water off. Except it does not turn off. I have turned the combi boiler off and the stopcock to the off position. Water still running merrily and gurgling down the plughole. I flush toilets and turn on other taps but no change. I have done this procedure several times before to replace the washer and it has always worked. Hence I am now perplexed and left with a still dripping tap. This does not bode well and I may have to call out a plumber (more money!!) to help me work out how to turn off the stopcock. Mrs C states it only turns off the garden tap and is not a stopcock but having repaired the tap several times it did turn off the water. She says the plumber who replaced our bath stated you only have to switch the combi boiler off. Now thoroughly bamboozled.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
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or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Nonsense....I found several on facebook.

Car serviced today at long last after 15 months of hard work and excessive mileage. Consequently February will be a quiet month with tea and lentils playing a prominent part as I can't afford anything else. On the plus side...I can confidently add more mileage in the knowledge that the car is healthy and hopefully will not see me stuck at the side of the road and February is a short month. No. 1 son is making lots of noise about applying for a provisional licence & driving lessons for his seventeenth birthday (March 1st) and the car's MOT is due. New tyres needed and some well deserved TLC for my little Suzuki. Blimey, I am going to be broke for the forseeable future...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oops! I am getting tardy although I can blame real life for interfering with my virtual world. You have to excuse me as I tuck into quorn escalopes with rice and beans...lovely. I can't for the life of me persuade other family members to eat quorn even when I tell them that population growth & increasing food demands will lead to expensive meat available only for the parliamentary/EU masters and obligatory qourn for all of us peons. It tastes good to me and perhaps there is a need for a vegetarian takeaway using quorn, felafel and beany products. Maybe in trendy Islington but sadly I don't think Grimsby is ready for it yet.

I was a veggie for two and a half years whilst sharing a flat in sunny Highgate with three vegetarian women. It was easier to do that then cope with the reasonable yet relentless arguments from liberal lefty right-on people because I had grilled bacon yet again. I had also returned to full-time studying at university for a year and a veggie diet was cheaper. Occasionally following a liquid night out I would awake to find a still wrapped and untouched cold doner kebab on the kitchen table whilst my flatmates sprinkled holy water around it. Mind you, when I explained the use of fish bladders to fine beers it was worth it to see the looks on their faces. The most righteous of them I caught eating bacon one day. I returned to eating meat after meeting Mrs C. who does not believe a meal is complete unless there is meat central to it. I can take it or leave it hence I like the quorn products. It looks and taste like chicken and is low in fat which nowadays ticks a couple of boxes for me.
I'm wanted at the door...

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am still fuming. Last week we had snow, icy winds and less than generally clement weather. No.1 son walking to college with a hoodie on and a scarf wrapped around his face to keep out the cold. Plastic plod (pcso) approaches and demands he remove his hoodie. Son replies no and walks on....plastic plod then harrasses my son for a further few minutes insisting he removes his hoodie. Son continues to reply no and eventually responds with 'What laws am I breaking by wearing a hoodie?' He continued to walk away and ignored the jumped up uniformed moron. It reminds me of the 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' sketch: Wearing a loud shirt in a built up area during the hours of daylight. Except that this really happened and the plastic plod was exceeding his very limited powers. Result: another teenager who thinks little of the police and questions why they can't tackle real crime.
What astonshes me is that I contrast this with the gutsy five foot tall and all of seven stone female pcso whom I watched tell off a gang of morons outside the local shop last year. She obviously has balls and the numpty who stopped my son is still waiting for his to drop. As my son so eloquently put it "Wanker".

Friday, January 15, 2010

I've neglected the blog over this past and addiction to 'Plants v Zombies' (free version) account for my time.

It is that time of year, cold and grey January with the lights, colour and fun of the Christmas celebrations now a memory. So many people have told me how flat and miserable they feel and, although the snow has gone, it's been replaced by rain and murk. We could do with some of those bright, sunny but cold days where the crisp fresh air reminds one it's good to be alive during the course of a long ramble. I've a week off at the month's end when I pop the car in for a long overdue service and I can possibly get some walks in accompanied by the ever faithful pooch.
Back to listening to Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, a wonderful CD I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Can I draw your attention to this and ask that you complete a submission and spread the word to your friends to do the same. Please treat it with some degree of seriousness because there might just be a chance we will be listened to. After all, they are supposed to be public servants.

The past week has required a Herculean effort at work with regard to travelling and providing a service. Well...some of us provided a Herculean effort and others made excuses (not parents whose offspring had snow days!) to fuckoffski and skive. Happily, our clientele made the biggest effort and insisted we do not visit where there was a real risk of our lives and limbs being placed at risk. So kudo's go to them! Needless to say I now have two days off after seven very looong days at work and further to Seany's important birthday celebrations I will have a drink tomorrow to provide him extra moral support.

New works vehicle!!

Apart from work I have done what any sensible person without the money to escape to warmer climes does...stayed indoors in the warm and surfed the net/read books/contemplated my navel/ THIS. I don't usually play computer games but I blame Rik because this is very addictive and I am considering downloading the full game but I am holding off because it is truly addictive. I am drawn like a moth to flame or Jonathon Ross to controversy.
Maybe just another game then.....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Meeting Mrs C. from work this evening with the hound frantically dragging me along whilst she carried her precious* was a precarious task this evening. Ice and more ice with added black ice for flavour. It's alright for the hound who has four legs and a low centre of gravity and to whom dignity is a brand name of dog food. I skidded and slipped in her wake as she investigated every piece of olfactory news along our route. We collected Mrs C. and escorted her home (she doesn't like the combination of dark nights and chavs) as we surveyed the empty centre of the thriving metropolis.

A night to stay in, keep warm and a mug of hot chocolate as I listen to 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' on BBCi. I'm a keen Holmes fan with books, tapes, DVD's, etc...including my going to see Jeremy Brett play Holmes on the stage years ago. If I was to appear on Desert Island Discs I would nominate the collected Sherlock Holmes works as my book. I never tire of reading them. Anyhow, the game's afoot...

* Her current precious is a piece of rotten driftwood she found on the beach.

Friday, January 01, 2010

This cracks me up.

It's 2010 and I awoke to a fresh covering of snow. Last night was an early night because I could not shift a thumping headache and that was prior to the couple of pints I had in the Tap. However, the lovely magic fingers of a friend who offered me a head massage did wonders and shifted it...shame it led to a frosty response from Mrs C. who was not amused. It was a head massage and nothing else despite being administered by a young and attractive woman in a pub full of people. So 2009 went out with a cold and silent aspect instead of fireworks, laughter and jollity.
January will be my usual alcohol free month as I take a break after all the celebrations. I am also usually broke during January and it does no harm to have a quiet month of contemplation and reflection with a clear and sober head. Mind you, apart from one night prior to Christmas when we had a collective evening of alcoholic madness I don't drink much. But the young woman in question pointed out how tense my body was, especially my neck and shoulders which I attributed to work. A combination of lots of driving, intense paperwork via computers and the emotional stress of the work I do is responsible for this. When I first met Mrs C. I was a tofu eating, yoga practicing and bicycling hippie (sans long hair) who lived a healthy alternative lifestyle. I have turned into a tired, cynical and old bugger who has been worn down by responsibilities. Pretty much like most other people these days. So a fresh start is required and my alcohol free month is a part of this fresh start. There is also so much uncertainty these days, with the economic and political mess at home and abroad. This adds to the overall zeitgeist as well as the symbolic start of a new decade. There is also my fiftieth birthday to look forward to this year. So a happy new year to all and hopefully any changes will be chosen and welcomed rather than imposed upon you.