Sunday, November 29, 2009

After ten days sans alcohol I went out to my local last night to see an excellent rock covers band. An excellent night with good company and music but perhaps a tad too much beer and Jack Daniels. I spent this morning shopping and attending to chores in a hungover daze. Lots of lime juice and a sausage sandwich sorted me out but facing the crowds at Sainsbugs was particularly painful, especially the screaming kids. So today is a nice, slow and quiet day...including hearing from an old friend who is living in China and informed me he is moving to Lincolnshire in the near future. Great news indeed. We went to school together and go back a long way. I last saw him seventeen years ago and a hell of a lot has happened in that time. It was good to catch up on news including that of some old friends in London.
Mrs C. is working at her new job today so I'm on chef duties today so i am off back to attend to the roasted garlic chicken.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm currently leading a quieter life than usual. A lack of funds and a week spent on the slimfast diet means no pubs and certainly no riproaring social whirl. All good healthy living and lots more walking for the very happy pooch. Healthy living is incredibly boring though but I have no desire to smoke, use drugs and if I party all night I pay the price over the following two days. Sadly my age is catching up with me. Gardening, tea and biscuits, reading, etc...are my preferred choices nowadays if I don't want to feel like I have been reamed out with a six foot cotton bud.
I used to try and imagine when I was sixteen what I would be doing in the years 2000 and 2010. It wasn't any of the 'Tomorrows World' predictions of moonbase living and eating pills for a square meal. I have to be honest if anyone had told me I would be a nurse living in Lincolnshire I'd have laughed. At that age my thoughts didn't go beyond the next week and were primarily focused upon girls and music, mainly upon one young Greek Cypriot girl whose family intervened once they realised we liked each other. Young love might climb mountains and swim oceans but it stops at the immovable object of a stern father and his sons. Truth to tell I was a generally typical sixteen year old boy....absolutely clueless about what I wanted to do. My fathers generation worked on the land or emigrated because they did not have the luxury of considering what to do next. I was lucky in that regard but I do worry about my son who is sixteen and what awaits him. He is at college but he's desperate for some work so he can earn his own money. Sadly, the unemployed eighteen year olds and older are struggling to find work let alone a kid straight out of school. He's talking about joining the RAF next year once he has completed his college course so that he may learn a trade there. We'll see what happens...several months isn't that long but to a teenager it's a lifetime!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I finally got a suspicious looking mole checked out by the doc. It grew from a tiny speck on my knee fourteen months ago into something 'large' and noticeable. GP not too concerned although he did offer me the choice of surgery to remove & biopsy it or to return in three months for a further check up. I opted for the latter & we'll see how it goes. I'm not too worried because it doesn't hurt or cause me any problems but I'll keep an eye on it. Better safe than sorry...I remember seeing a window advert in Market Rasen for a mole killer years ago. I knew then I was no longer in Kansas London where lurchers, rabbits, foxes, moles, ferrets and horses don't play a big part in daily life unless the lurcher is on a string attached to a crustie! Moles look to me like cute little fellas but then perfect lawns do not figure large in my life.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rather than add my voice to the cacophony of opinions about the move to all graduate entry into nursing from the year 2013, please follow the link (copy & paste)...

I trained under the very old system (Jurassic) during the 1980's and acquired over the past twenty plus years a lot of experience and a pile of qualifications to make a bonfire with. It's odd but I haven't yet finished my degree although one more course with the OU will address that need. But I have studied at post grad level and I have also earned credits at that level in a number of courses. I deemed it necessary to expand my knowledge base, inform my clinical practice and to add power to my oft needed discussions with other clinicians. It also ensured my current practice remains current as well as keeping me head and shoulders above the degree nurses coming through. Sadly, many years ago there was one degree educated nurse who with little experience believed she knew best and did not take it very kindly when an experienced nurse sans degree out manoeuvred her to ensure a client's rights were protected and upheld. Highly educated middle-class inexperienced twonk believed she knew best rather than listening to and engaging with the client. One experience only and not necessarily representative of degree educated nurses as a whole.
A degree and a caring attitude are not contradictory but the entry to degree education only may stop poorer people entering the profession. The diploma education attracts a bursery of approimately £7k per year; degree level education attracts a lot less and more debts. I would be happier with the current system continuing and for those qualified nurses who want to train up to degree level and beyond can continue to do so. As for all the comments I have read on other blogs, newspaper and other media sites....a hell of a lot of experts in nursing out there who believe an in depth knowledge of Carry On films and Casualty makes their opinion right.

N.b. I just found this article....

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Animals in:1,2,3...4...Check.
Music turned up: Check.
Windows shut: Check.
Treats: Check.
Yep, it's that time of year where we commemorate the attempted Stuart style referendum of parliament via black powder and a swan vesta. I'm sure were Mr Fawkes to try it today he would have no end of offers to keep an eye out for the rozzers and he would be inundated with matches, lighters, sparklers, candles, timers, etc...I hope someone is carefully watching our politicians because an extra 'guy' on the woodpile would not go amiss until it's too late.

Quiz night and I am hoping for questions regarding the 5th November plot as opposed to where are the x-factor twins from. The latter answer is 'Fucked if I know or care'. Mind you, only a few of us turned up last week so it might be the same tonight. A few beers, conversation and music in an almost empty pub. Fingers crossed for a better crowd tonight.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A colleague at work introduced me to this animation. I'll let you make your own mind up as to its merits but several of us are convinced it shows an incredible imagination but also illustrates the experience of psychosis. This episode is mild but the others become progressively more disturbing.

A busy two days covering both jobs so I am glad to sit, sip a beer and enjoy spotify: Jethro Tull is the current music of choice. The pooch walked and paddled with the added bonus of no fireworks although a brief confrontation with the swans. All rather one sided as she ignores them because they are large and she can only chase pigeons and ducks, coward that she is. However, I'll have to limit the walks to the mornings for the next few days until the town is hopefully firework free.
Last week involved three nights out at the Tap with Saturday night being hugely enjoyable. The band played seventies punk covers with an especially fine rendition of Penetration. It brought back memories of small sweaty pubs in Camden and Islington with lots of alcohol, noise and life in the raw. Sadly I still can't recall many of the bands I saw although I imagine most of them disappeared fairly quickly. It's a short step to 'five pints, a bag of chips and bus fare home and all from a quid' through my rose coloured spectacles if I continue in this vein.