Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hurrah! I have been informed that my colleagues and I have a further six months contract as 'half 'n' half' crisis team and best interest assessors. That'll be a headache for the pay department and HR (Human Remains) to sort out. As long as I get paid at the months end I'll be happy.So the good news is that I do get the best of both worlds although once the next lot are trained up and mentored by us we'll be turfed back into our teams full time and rota'd in to do the work.
A difficult case has come up and I had to get legal on someone's ass today. I suspect I shall be shouted at tomorrow by a couple of people but when I pointed out "You do know you will be breaking the law" and "Talk to this nice lawyer* who will explain everything I've just told you but with greater vigour and why management may not look favourably upon you during the next phase of rationalisation after you cost the Trust £xxxxx". I said all of this in a nice way because the individual wasn't at fault but I also pointed out that they were told this three weeks ago and chose to ignore our advice. Hence the lawyers & social services interest and the potential for senior managers to come gliding down the emerald staircase from their ivory tower unless they listen to and act upon my advice now. It got their attention....

* She is drop dead gorgeous as well as being nice....sigh...


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