Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today has consisted of a mainly relaxed working day at home. After the craziness of last week and the weekend spent with a stiff, painful neck, it's time to chill and take stock. To ease all of that tension away from my neck and shoulders I have been cool, calm and continent. Cool lime drinks and listening to Tangerine Dream on spotify...a citrusy day. All the assessments and paperwork done, tees crossed, i's dotted and flying pigs parked up. The mutt had an extended walk and a dip first thing this morning...she smells horrible so a bath is needed. She also entertained the public because although she can paddle, she will not go too deep and if her feet can't touch the bottom she comes straight back to dry land.

Apart from attending to paperwork I have been attempting to write an electronic signature. I am sure there is an easier way to do it but I practised on a tablet with mixed results. A couple of thoughts came to me and I wonder how legitimate is an electronic signature? The documents I sign off are legal documents and I usually send off hard signed copies to back up any electronic or faxed copies. But would an electronic copy do with my electronic signature on? What's to stop anyone, apart from their being sad individuals, from copying my signature and using it?

I'm sure if the management bought us state of the art laptops or note books we could bet this job done more easily. There are only ten weeks left and it's obvious that apart from the training, this has all been done on a shoestring budget. It'll be even cheaper when we are turfed back to our original jobs but expected to continue to do this work. Now that will be fun & games juggling the two jobs. However, decisions will undoubtedly be made and we will be the last to know. So no change there...I can't complain because I've been given a wonderful opportunity and for the first time in twenty four years I have had a paid 'break'* from frontline working and my two colleagues and I are in a unique position. It is too good to last so I guess I will just have to enjoy the next ten weeks and see what happens, with fingers crossed of course. Too good to resist...

* Break from shifts, on calls and being abused / assaulted.


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