Monday, June 15, 2009

Baaa you woolly bastards!

Apparently I am a border collie although I would have said I was a Heinz 57.
It is currently bucketing down and I opened the window wide for 30 seconds with the result that both the pooch and I are wet. Not the smartest thing to do but hey, why not.
I would like to say I was hard at it but I had to go offline and do a quick virus check. Some advert pop up popped up on Mrs C's watch and LE also had the same thing. Difficult to get rid of and it came via Facebook. So whilst scanning for nasties I did a little light dusting and polishing, hoovered (Dysoned?) up, cleared some weeds, poo patrolled the garden and emptied the rubbish. I also had some cous cous with peppers and snorkers. It takes a hell of a long time to scan the PC these days.
Time to return to the hard slog.


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