Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Apart from being the nectar of the gods here is another reason to eat curries. I've known for many years about the benefits of spices, particularly turmeric.

I've had a chicken jal frezi marinating since 10 a.m. with extra added turmeric. The chilli's I add to my own dish later because Mrs C is not too fond of chilli. I've been trying to remember when I had my first curry and I can only think it was one of those vesta meals during the 1960's. My mother made her own curries and we were always delighted when friends came to dinner and tried one of her hot curries. Always plenty of water and plain yoghurt to hand as the flames caught hold. It's also feflected in my collection of cookbooks of which nearly half are from the Indian sub continent or southeast Asia. Plus two Caribbean cookbooks...mmmm, goat curry with beans and rice.
Anyhow, I have my front row seat at my bedroom window with tea and popcorn to fortify me. Three police vans and a squad car plus lots of coppers as they nick two local scrotes and take them away. Some sort of altercation but there is quite a audience for this one act play....They've gone now as must I.


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