Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have been extremely busy over these last three days with lots of referrals, assessments and far too much mileage. However, it's good to be in the thick of things and stretching my new found skills and knowledge. What I haven't got is enough hours in the day and early starts (7 am) and late finishes (8 pm) have not allowed much messaboutdapc time. However, this evening Mrs C. and I took the pooch for a long and much needed walk for all of us alongside the river. Spotting carp, pike, various wildfowl, drug dealers and watching the cops stop an errant motorist. What astonished me was the absence of people. The streets were empty apart from kids playing cricket on the green and others kicking a football around the car park. It was almost like a scene from a zombie movie and the expectation of slow moving rotting corpses moaning their desire for live human flesh as they dragged themselves ever closer to their next meal. With the sound of background music growing increasingly louder towards the denouement we made a swift exit and home for tea.


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