Saturday, March 14, 2009

I spent yesterday evening watching Red Nose comic relief. I don't usually watch it although I do give money to charidee...Sally Army, Age Concern, Cats Protection and NSPCC are my choices. However, I decided to watch despite my antipathy towards generally dull comics and lame sketches...sometimes it is worth challenging preconceptions. I enjoyed most of the comic skits and I was moved by the various stories. Alan Carr generally makes me laugh and David Tennant was good fun although he didn't play West End Girls. I even tolerated Davina without shouting my usual abuse at her (talentless). Bloody hell, I even laughed at French & Saunders...I'd had a couple of beers by then.

I must be getting soft in my old age.
Today I made up for it by watching rugby for a number of hours as I shouted and generally let off steam. Mind you, tomorrow England v France so cue lots of swearing and shouty goodness. Sunday evening has become my weekly TV experience and tomorrow I'll have the rugby, Time Team and Lark Rise to entertain me. Mrs C. has the TV the rest of the time for her home sales/improvement programmes/ antiques / soaps/ murder / cops / 'reality' shows. I watch documentaries, comedies, movies and historical stuff....Lark Rise creeps under the radar for the latter as does Poldark. Demelza did something to adolescent groins in the seventies. I can't really complain about Mrs.C's TV choices as it really is each to their own. I might enjoy watching the battle of Stalingrad for the umpteenth time whilst others switch off 5 minutes before it even starts.
I'll stop now because I appear to be afflicted with a vowel disorder...I keep missing out the vowels. Wht ds ths lk lk wtht th vwls? Bzrr...t mst b th br.


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I'm sure I've read somewhere that people only need to read the first and last letters of each word anyway.

suodns lkie a laod of bokcolls to me...

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