Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Although I am working over the coming weekend, today was my last working day with some of my crisis colleagues until next October. It feels extremely odd to realise that my world has changed although it still looks the same.

Cliche alert!! One door closes and another one opens.

I am demob happy and I struggled today to keep up my usual professional facade. Happily, the younger and still enthusiastic staff manned the firesteps as I dealt with a variety of other agencies who were attempting to abdicate their responsibilities and dump upon us. Crisis teams operate 24/7, can do all sorts and are easily accessible. With some people that means 'It's a crisis and you need to sort it out'. Deep breath, count to ten... and repeat...remind them what the crisis team remit is and tell them to go away and attend to the persons needs instead of slopey shoulders posture they are currently adopting. I have warned my boss to expect complaints. But hey ho, I'll be elsewhere from Monday although frying pan and fire comes to mind.


Blogger Miss Mapp said...

good luck in the new 'venture'.

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