Friday, August 08, 2008

Still no news re. the interview and of course I have begun to think the worst. However, as Mrs C. has pointed out, several times in fact, they may be interviewing all week and will inform me next week. To add to my woes today a bloody great filling fell out during my dinner. Bloody Hell! I will be toothless at this rate.
On a more cheerful note I did attempt to watch O limp dicks opening ceremony. I fell asleep after 20 minutes and missed most of it. I can blame the noisy tossers in their cars last night who woke us all up at 2 am, but I had really lost interest in the whole shebang. A lot of money spent on running, jumping and throwing things around with a lot of excitable, over paid commentaters stating the bleeding obvious.
Happily, the football season begins tomorrow and I might even drag myself over to watch real sport live. Mind you, our local park has a 'Fun Day' tomorrow with a grand opening of the new play area. According to the leaflet there is a dog show, BBQ, beat the goalie, bag pipes....all with qualified first aiders on hand (for beat the goalie?). I might wander along to that instead and bring the mutt along for the dog the losing mutts end up on the BBQ? Can we also play beat the politician; bring your weapon of choice.
£16.00 to watch Town play or a free fun day? I'll decide in the morning.


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