Thursday, June 19, 2008

I didn't get the new job.
I can make excuses but I did not do a good interview. I suspect I put a lot of effort into the presentation and I gave little thought to what was wanted overall, both in the interview and the actual job itself. I learnt a salutary lesson: go in and think/act like a manager, not a nurse. C'est la vie.
It means I will be staying in my current job for the forseeable future but I can comfort myself with the thought that happily I do still enjoy my work. I also have regular paid employment and, sadly, the recession may put many others on the dole. So I have no reason to complain about my lot.
However, the whole process of applying for a new job and the interview has given me food for thought about career planning for the next few years. I now realise that I should concentrate next year on finishing my degree and look at carving out a specialist niche in mental health nursing. Time to badger my manager for those specialist courses and to brush up my IT presentation skills. So the interview was useful as part of the learning curve.


Blogger Unknown said...

Sorry to it didn't work out, but I think you're quite right - you have to take something from each one regardless of the result.

Even if it's just an observation of how lousy their interview technique was :)

7:11 pm  

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