Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Last week our collective complaints about 'State of the Ark' computers finally got through and IT installed a couple of new PC's and removed the noisy boxes what didn't go. A smooth transition from old to new finally (fingers crossed) emerged today after five days of swearing at the new machines which were not configured.We suggested that in future IT changes take place on a Monday and not a Friday afternoon. There is a generally held belief that all dodgy cars(ahem cough..Citroen...cough) were built on the Friday late shift following being paid, a liquid lunch and the prospect of the weekend ahead. We suggested this applied in this case because the company techs who appeared last Friday were in a hurry to finish up. We could play music, solitaire, surf the net...but to do any paperwork, use the work systems, input...bugger all. Apart from one exception...I'm not technically minded but perseverance (bloody mindedness) and creative thinking worked for me. I don't think I deserved to be called a nerd 'though....bloody Luddites.
After the last few days on call and thus unable to imbibe, a cool beer awaits me (Marston's 'Old Empire').


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