Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last night I decided to have an early night and no beer. I am getting old. I am middle-aged although that presupposes I will live to the ripe old age of 94! I kept my eyes open so as to watch 'The Apprentice' and, having seen that little twat fired, I opted for an early night. I have also arranged a day off work today so that I can keep an eye on the mutt and No.1 son. The delicate work of plastering is on today and both need to be distracted away from
wandering in whilst the work goes on.

Mrs C will take No 1 to Mackie Dee's as he calls it and I have the monster to entertain. The long walk this morning worked...we are both knackered and footsore...and wet.
We also bought some new bread baking tins and different types of flour. I am taking a leaf out of Seany's book and we intend to bake some bread. Having discovered flour to which one only adds water we really do fancy some home baked bread. That's a treat lined up for the next couple of days as well as finally getting to the homebrew shop. Brewing beer, baking bread, growing vegetables....get me a bow & arrows and I'll go game hunting. The good life to self sufficiency...somehow growing mushrooms appeals more to me than hunting tree rats.


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