Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I received some excellent news last night which made up for working over the bank holiday weekend, missing parties and fun. I absolutely hate working bank holidays, especially when the sun is shining and the world looks wonderful. It feels like the twilight zone with a few of us poor buggers working, holding the crippled SS NHS together with string, faith and chewing gum.
Anyhow, I heard from a old friend whom I've not seen for over 16 years. He set off on his bicycle from Toronto to Australia but met a woman in the far east and has been living in China for the past decade. We went to school together, shared teenage years of angst, music and laughter...lots of the latter. The years have dropped off me and I am back in North London, late seventies with punk, metal, reggae and new wave as the background music and the future bright and shiny ahead of us all. We could walk out of one job and into the next the following day with our wages spent on having a good time...no responsibilities. G didn't smoke, drink or try herbal substances like the rest of us but he was and is always upbeat.

He took the plunge and emigrated to Canada, we took the piss and envied him as he had made the right choice. A few and far between meet-ups thro' the years until this huge gap of 16 years. He bade farewell to London via our favourite restaurant and a lot of sambuca and grappa one night in 1992. Apart from the occasional letter which included being held up at gunpoint we then lost touch.
A lot of catching up to do and stories to tell.


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