Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hooray! It's finished...

Just a few days for the ceiling to dry out and cleaning up the dust for the 20th time. The accumulated dust and soot of the past 30 years gets everywhere. We are going to get the room fully sorted before we move everything back in as well as springclean other rooms.
I didn't get to meet the manager for the prospective job because he's off sick. However, the application form has gone off and fingers crossed. I still have my doubts but I'll give it a go. The advantages are less travel and promotion. Oddly enough, my pay if I got the job wouldn't be much more than I earn now, although it would increase over the years. Being able to walk to work would certainly be an advantage although I guess I will still have some driving to do. The challenges of managing a new team and through lots of new changes will be interesting. The Chinese have a proverb for that...



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