Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(Courtesy of a NZ nursing site....somewhere)

The above shows a diagram of one approach to achieving a work - life balance. My life currently revolves around work and despite all good intentions I still finished work forty minutes late...unpaid as per usual. Below is the amended UK version of the above...

But I have had a chat with my boss because the possibility of another job has hove to on the horizon. Promotion, a managerial post with clinical work included, more money and nearer home. All in all trebles all round as they would say in Private Eye. However, the move to a management post means a different sort of stress and may impact even more upon my 'life - work balance'. I'll have to be a responsible person, wear a tie and use management language, as well as having budgetry responsibilities.
The alternative is that I remain in a job from which I have sucked all the experience I am likely to gain and which has become mundane. I am also increasingly frustrated by the antics of a couple of colleagues whom, to put it frankly, I would not leave my dog with. It seems strange to talk of 'mundane' and crisis work together but I am ready for the next move and the excellent book below sums up part of my current life, over forty and fat...not yet fired. But after twenty years at the coal face of nursing perhaps now is the time to bite the managerial bullet. At the very least I'll gain some valuable interview experience.
I must away to see the bats in the garden. They are early this year aren't they?



Blogger Unknown said...

I guess we all take the managerial step because we hope it provides a greater opportunity to make a difference.

Problem is, now matter how high up the ladder you climb, there always seems to be an ignoramus not to far above.

Remember the tree full of monkeys analogy - the ones at the top look down and see smiling faces; the ones at the bottom look up and see nothing but arseholes...


10:43 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Ha! That cheered me up no end.

"...arseholes and private parts"
So your boss is either a prick or a....

5:25 pm  

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