Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceiling woes pt 57.
It's boarded throughout and we have another layer of dust throughout the house. I forgot to mention yesterday that the plasterer limped in having fought and lost a fight with a skip (not bush kangaroo). But he's cracking on with the work and I am hoping he'll be completed tomorrow. More worryingly, Mrs C is exploring new curtains, wallpaper and paint (sigh!). I have no excuses for getting on with all the little repairs that have piled up over the...ahem...once the ceiling is done.
Work wise....it's all gone rather quiet. Where is everyone? The bank holiday was the quietist one I have ever known.
Q word alert...the floodgates will open.

However, after several days sans ale I feel the cry of a Black Sheep calling me.
So Baa Baa for now.


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